Who owns the aircraft? 

Best Jets International operates a fleet of 8 different sized aircraft, all of which are privately owned. In addition to this private fleet, Best Jets International may charter other aircraft from other companies, if a client requires a jet with alternative features.  

Are the aircraft handicap accessible? 

Best Jets makes every effort to accommodate all passengers of every ability in the safest, most comfortable manner. Please let us know of any special requirements when calling for a flight so we can determine the proper aircraft and arrangements. 

Can I travel with my pets? 

Yes, all pets must travel in FAA airline approved carriers. 

Do the aircrafts have Wi-Fi?

Of our private fleet, all aircraft are equipped with wireless internet connection with the exception of the Learjet 45 and the Falcon 50. 



Is flying private jet charter safe?

Absolutely. Your safety is our top priority. All flight crew are captain qualified, exceeding FAA requirements. Our aircraft are equipped with the latest, most comprehensive safety equipment and expertly maintained by our award-winning maintenance team. 

What safety certifications and awards does Best Jets hold?

Our commitment to safety is demonstrated by our awards, certifications and participation in the industry’s highest safety standards including: ARG/US Platinum Rating, Wyvern Wingman Certified Operator, International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Stage II, Member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) and the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), Active Participant in the FAA's Safety Management System Voluntary Program, FAA Diamond Awarded Maintenance Department, and are a Mayo Preferred Partner. 

How much insurance does Best Jets International carry?

Best Jets International has $300,000,000 in liability insurance coverage for every flight you take. 

What happens if there is a medical emergency in-flight?

Best Jets International is a Mayo Preferred Partner, meaning our crew has direct access to the Mayo Clinic in the event of an in-flight medical emergency. 



Is there a minimum flight hour per day required?

Yes, there is a two hour per day minimum after two days (6 day trip minus 2 days = 4 days x 2 hour minimum = 8 hours).

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation to rent a private jet?

Best Jets can sometimes arrange a flight in as little as 3 hours and we do our best to accommodate last minute trips. For best availability and planning, we recommend scheduling your trip as early as possible and at least 12-24 hours for domestic flights. International trips require more time and depends on the destination. 

How do I book a flight?

Call our Schedule, Cathy Bremer, at +1 (952) 324-8920. She has ten years of experience in corporate aviation and will be able to answer any questions you may have about your trip. She will also be able to make suggestions on airports, catering, ground transportation, etc. She is your full-service flight concierge. 

Does the cost of a private jet vary with the number of passengers?

When you schedule a private flight, you purchase the entire aircraft and are welcome to have as many guests as there are seats onboard. The only added cost is $4.50 per passenger for the required US Passenger Facility Fee. Best Jets has a diverse fleet and our scheduling team can assist with aircraft selection to provide the best fit for your trip. 

Which airports can I fly to?

One of the advantages of flying privately as compared to a commercial airline, is the larger number of airports that can be utilized. Private aircraft can fly into hundreds of smaller airports around the country, getting you closer to where you want to be and avoiding a lengthy drive to your destination. When you call Best Jets to book your trip, simply provide us with the address of your destination and our team will select the closest airport.

Are there any trip cancellation fees?

Best Jets is proud of its reputation of being exceptionally flexible and accommodating with flight itinerary changes - including cancellations. While we do have a cancellation policy, we understand unplanned changes occur and having flexibility is one of the primary benefits of flying privately. Each Best Jets quote has a detailed summary of our cancellation policy and a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions or assist with special circumstances.  



Where do I go to board my chartered private jet?

Private aircraft typically use designated terminals at airports called Fixed Base Operators (abbreviated as FBO). If you have a preferred FBO, please advise our scheduling team when booking a trip. Otherwise, we will select the best one at the airport you are flying into and share the name, address and phone number on your itinerary in advance. 

Is ground transportation included in my rental fee?

Ground transportation is an added service and our scheduling team can coordinate this for you. Please advise Best Jets when booking your trip if you would like us to arrange any type of ground transportation for your flight. We have preferred relationships with top limousine companies worldwide and can set up cars with all the major rental companies. 

What documentation do I need to bring to fly?

Best Jets participates in US Customs and Border protection TSA regulations, legal names and birthdates of each passenger are required for your flight. Prior to boarding, all passengers over 18 years of age are required to show a government issued ID. For domestic flights a valid driver’s license is acceptable, and for international flights all passengers of any age require a valid passport.  There may be additional documentation needed for some international countries, and our Scheduling Team will advise you of those requirements.

How long before schedule departure do I need to arrive at the hangar? 

Best Jets is on your schedule! The boarding process is much quicker when flying privately, as compared to flying on a commercial flight. Passengers typically arrive about 15 minutes before departure to allow time to enter the FBO and get settled before take-off. If you are running a little late, just let us know. Your Best Jets plane will be ready and waiting. 

How much luggage can I bring? 

Each aircraft has a different luggage capacity, but we can usually accommodate 1- 2 medium to large suitcases per person and a carry-on. Please notify Best Jets Scheduling Team if you will have over-sized items, large number of bags, or special handling baggage, and we will select the proper size aircraft and advise of any limitations.



What kind of in-flight experience can I expect? 

You will notice the Best Jets difference the moment you step onboard our aircraft. Consistently hailed as “the nicest airplane I’ve ever been on” by clients throughout the world, each are maintained to meticulously high standards. Our courteous, professional and friendly Flight Crew will insure your flight is safe, comfortable and enjoyable, whether you are travelling with colleagues for a business trip or family on vacation.

What meal / beverage options are available in-flight?

Each Best Jets flight includes a standard stock of popular beverages and packaged snacks. But that’s only the beginning point! Our team specializes in preparing customized catering and beverage options for onboard celebratory events, special dietary requirements and preferences.

Will there be a flight attendant on the flight? 

For your safety and comfort, a flight attendant is required on Best Jets large cabin aircraft and some super mid-size cabin trips. A flight attendant is not required on our mid-size aircraft, but you can always request one for any flight. 

Is smoking allowed in-flight? 

Best Jets International does not allow smoking on any of its aircraft. 

What happens when we land at my destination? 

Best Jets ground team tracks all flights while in the air to insure a smooth and seamless transition at your destination.  We ensure your ground transportation is ready and waiting for your arrival.



Who pays for unexpected repairs to the aircraft while on a trip? 

All maintenance costs are incurred by Best Jets International or the owner of the aircraft. 

How will I be billed?

You will need to fill out a credit application. Once approved, you will receive an invoice within a week from the end date of your trip. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Best Jets requires payment before trip departure. One popular option is to set-up a prepaid account while enjoying our discounted program pricing. For a list of these options, please see our Loyalty Programs page. Another option is to pay per trip with cash, check or major credit card. 

Are there any costs that will be billed to me other than those discussed? 

Additional costs such as catering, landing fees, customs fees, telephone charges, etc. will be billed to you. These may be billed on an additional invoice after you receive the invoice for your trip. 


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